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Welcome to our brand new project: SlimieOnline 2. In this project we will be working on a platform Action multiplayer awsomeness slimetastic game. the main objective of the game is that you can make your own character and choose a classes that suits you best! Hope we hear lots and lots from you and comment if you like on what you will like to see in SlimieOnline 2.

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Last message on 28 Sep 2019

rosaskenneth on 28 Sep 2019, 14:21:23
i play this but i dont know what shoul i do
Star_Brand on 11 Nov 2016, 05:56:22
i love this game ! :) but please let me know how to play ?
Shaddovv (Topicstarter) on 11 Nov 2016, 15:50:43
As in you would like to know the controls?

Jump - Up arrow
Walk - Left & Right arrow
Space - Mana regeneration (stand still and hold the key)
Z - 1e attack
X - 2e attack (uses energy)
C - 3e attack (uses energy)
I - Invetory
M - Minimap
F4 - Fullscreen
F11 - Enable/Disable UI
ENTER - chat

Hope that helps :)
conanphamtuan on 13 Nov 2016, 17:03:46
I love your game. But it isn't saving my game play. And i can't find maps which be in your images. Can i cheat :))
Shaddovv (Topicstarter) on 15 Nov 2016, 23:27:08
Sorry to hear that you have problems...

If it isnt saving your game, try to quit the game using ESC and then pressing "Y". It should save all your data like that. If it doesn't have patience, we are working on a complete new overhaul on the game, wich i hope you will enjoy on the time of release :)
Shaddovv (Topicstarter) on 15 Nov 2016, 23:28:09
Also try downloading the version on our website if you continue to have this problem.

Have fun Hack & Slashing!
Aaron13ps on 9 Dec 2015, 00:42:14
This LOOKS like a pretty fun game. Unfortunatlly I refuse to "install it" because I know I will have to UNINSTALL it later. Make it where I do not have to install it and I will re-download it.

BTW do you still work on this game? I noticed the last patch was from a year ago.
Forgeio on 10 Dec 2015, 18:08:20
its extremely fun but he stopped working on it :(

you can go on the website and get a version that doesn't need installed and works perfectly, I think its
Shaddovv (Topicstarter) on 4 Jul 2016, 00:12:07
We are continuing with a next more improved and more graphical beautiful version. Meanwhile we updated everything so the website will be available to everyone and the download link also.

Have fun hack & slashing!
Forgeio on 5 Jul 2016, 20:05:11
Sounds awesome!