First Pixel Shooter: Episode 2

Created by hatonacat



Sequel and expansion to F.P.S., First Pixel Shooter: Episode 2 unfolds the story and future of the races with a style vastly different from the original. Features include new weapons, prop interaction, level exploration and progression, single player companions with dynamic AI, planned online play, and much more.

Coming Holiday 2013.

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Last message on 31 Oct 2015

littlecoolpug on 17 Jun 2015, 19:56:24
This is a great game!!
May I just ask how did you make it, is it just done with code or do you have an extension?
AwesomnessOnly on 31 Oct 2015, 21:23:29
I like how a lot of the top highscores on some of the lists is the creator of the game xD
DreambearSagaRewritten on 27 Sep 2014, 14:29:15
Lovely game! Keep going on!