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Mathventure is a puzzle game about calculating. Steer your professor through 18 puzzles over a building-up difficulty and enjoy what Mathventure has to offer.

Mathventures gimmick is the number and the modifiers. You begin each level with 0. By walking on the so called modifiers, you can change the number. They come in four flavours: Plus, Minus, Multiple, and Subtract. In order to complete the level, you need to have the same number as on the goal gate, and arrive there with that number.

Are you a Mathlete? Come and try it today!

Having a calculator at hand when playing this game is recommended. Login to GMS by clicking the flag on the map with 'G' on it. A GMS account is not required to play the game. Mathventure (C) Amazingcookie exept music and fonts.

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