Update 1.9.5 released

This update fixes an issue where multi-line chat messages were rendered on top of each other, making them unreadable.

Some default variables have been removed from the automatic syncing (health, depth, visible, solid, friction, gravity_direction, gravity). These can still be manually synced by using gms_self_set and gms_other_get.

Added gms_optimize_set_sending_policy, gms_optimize_request_data_update and gms_script_set_data_update_result. These scripts can be used to prevent auto-updating of resources that might not be needed. For example, if you do not want the highscore to be synced on every change, you can disable it like this:

gms_optimize_set_sending_policy(gms_resource_highscore, gms_policy_on_demand)

Then when you need the highscores, they can be updated manually:
var request_id = gms_optimize_request_data_update(gms_resource_highscore, HIGHSCORE_LIST_ID, "")

The script set using gms_script_set_data_update_result will be called after the data has been received, where argument0 would be the request_id from the piece of code show above.

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