General site update


I thought I'd just post a quick update to let you know what's going on, since I've been silent for the past few days.

First off, game registration has been temporarily disabled. To keep recent issues from getting out of hand I've stopped accepting new games. As soon as drama dies down, game registration will be enabled again. I'm hoping I can do this some time before the end of the week.

I found myself spending 9+ hours a day dealing with the recent drama, which was thouroughly unsustainable. I've taken a break to relax and avoid getting burnt out over something that I'm not even getting paid to do.

Starting from today, I'll begin slowly working my way through the backlog of dozens of posts, mails, and other messages. I'll be doing this in chronological order, starting with the oldest posts first. This might mean that you'll see me reply to other posts while not to yours. Please be patient and do not spam your question mutliple times. That'll just slow me down even more.

If you have something urgent that you need to discuss, send a mail to with "[urgent]" in the subject line. Please use this as little as possible, and only if you actually have something that urgently needs my attention.

I'm hopeful that this dies down soon, and that I'll be able to spend some time working on the rewrite again.

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Last message on 15 Aug 2018

hatonacat on 15 Aug 2018, 00:24:50
Your hard work on this is amazing and I appreciate it very much!