If you contact me, don't send an empty message

Every now and then I get a mail (gamemakerserver@outlook.com) from somebody that goes something like this:

Subject: Size43
Body: [empty]

I don't know what you want if you mail me like this. So please, if you send me a mail say something like "Hi Size43, the password reset is not working for me." or "Hi Size43, I got this error message: ...". I can't read your mind, so there's no point in sending me a mail and then hoping that I guess what you want.

Even if I asked you to mail me, please still describe in one or two sentences what you're mailing me for. I usually have 5-10 mails in my inbox at the same time, so it's hard to keep track if you don't tell me anything.

Also, quick reminder that in around 15 hours (9:00 CEST), there will be some downtime for a server upgrade.

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Last message on 23 May 2020

agoatboi on 23 May 2020, 16:52:29
I got banned but i did nothing can you unban me please? Thanks.
agoatboi on 23 May 2020, 16:54:49
Btw i don't know but i can't contact on discord.