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Current load: 30.5% (-0.0% from Supporter Access)

Login load: 5

Last update on 2020-02-26 13:43:31

Server full! What do I do?

There's a player limit in place to make sure the server doesn't get overloaded. You can see the current load above. When the load reaches 100%, no more players can join (with some exceptions for games that normally don't have 6+ players playing).


  • Spamming login will get you kicked. Do not try to log in more than once every 30 or so seconds.
  • There is no fixed player limit. Whether you're able to join is based on the server load, which will allow as many players as possible to play.
  • Afk players contribute less to the server load
  • Games and everything game related is controller by the creators of the games. GameMaker Server just hosts the games.
  • The login load are the number of logins that failed because the player limit was reached.

B-b-but I really need to play right now!

  • Wait till there is less server load
  • You can donate a small amount to support GameMaker Server and get Supporter Access. It reserves an additional slot for you, so you can login whenever you want to, even if the player limit is reached. This will allow me to get better servers. (note: this does not steal a slot from another user, it creates an extra slot that would otherwise not be available)
  • Play Awesomenauts and enter the recruitment code "52Z3-HM75-D9G7". Send me a ping on discord, a mail, or a message via some other way to get 1 day of Supporter Access for free. Play until you reach level 8, and send me a message again to get an additional 2 days of Supporter Access.

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