Usage: gms_draw ( )


This function only needs to be called when using one of the GameMaker: Studio versions of GameMaker Server.

This function must be executed every draw for the extension to function properly.

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Last message on 2 Oct 2015

RefresherTowel on 29 Sep 2015, 11:22:15
Just a quick question, does this interfere with any other drawing commands? I'm trying to get a fog of war functioning in the game and it simply won't draw it. In the create event of my fog of war object I've got:

res = 10;
sFog = surface_create(room_width/res,room_height/res);




And then in the draw event:


This should make the entire screen black, but it literally doesn't do anything? Just trying to figure out if it's a problem with my code somewhere or if the extension itself is interfering with it (maybe the gms_draw() function?)
Size43 (Administrator) on 2 Oct 2015, 13:16:31
I don't see why that would interfere, but you could try setting the depth of the GMS object to something lower than the depth of the fog-object, so the fog-object is drawn before gms_draw is called. That way gms_draw can't interfere with the drawing.

Not sure about this - but does draw_clear set the alpha as well? It might be worthwhile to try using draw_rectangle / draw_clear_ext.