Usage: gms_friend_send_request ( name, callback )


Sends a friend request to the given player.

Calls the script callback when the request is completed. Argument0 is 0 on success (no fault), 1 when the given player is already a friend, or 2 when the given player doesn't exist.


var name;
name = get_string("Who?", "Nobody");

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Last message on 10 Jan 2017

Dublann on 20 Dec 2016, 08:02:29
Hi Size!

I have used this function, but the request sent has to be accepted/declined through the website. How can accept/decline it through the game(Android)? Is mandatory to have an account in the website to manage it?

The idea I want to do, is to have a list of in game friends with a friend's chat. They will share their belogings.

Size43 (Administrator) on 3 Jan 2017, 12:45:30
Unfortunately, that's not possible with the current version of GameMaker Server.

The rewrite will be getting better support for this, but that's still at least a few months away from beta.
Dublann on 6 Jan 2017, 19:39:18
Ok ,Thx! Im sure that the new updating will be wonderfull!

Another question related to this one. I want to send a variable (send gold for example) to a team colleague, for which I need to use "gms_p2p_send", but for using it, I need the colleague Id. How can I get it? Here it says that for getting the id of another player, it has to be a friend before, but I cant manage it through the game. How could I do it?
Size43 (Administrator) on 10 Jan 2017, 15:25:25
You can use gms_friend_get to find the user_id of one of your friends.

You can also use the gms_other_* functions to loop over the players in the current session, and get their user_ids.
alibay15 on 9 Jan 2016, 20:23:43
Hi Dear Size43
Could You Please Send Me A source about friends
for example invite friends and friends can accept invite requests.
Size43 (Administrator) on 11 Jan 2016, 12:16:37
These functions are all functions available:
faiz876creations on 5 Oct 2015, 12:41:36
I've got a question.

How do i write the callback script.
Should i do this
if argument0 = 0


if argument0
if argument1

or what?
( Sorry i dont really understand how to use arguments. )
Size43 (Administrator) on 7 Oct 2015, 15:23:36
It works like this:

if argument0 == 0
}else if argument0 == 1
}else if argument0 == 2