Usage: gms_ini_game_read ( section, key )


Returns the value saved at the given section and key.

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Last message on 5 Jul 2018

DaDonMike on 19 May 2018, 00:43:14
this dont seem to be working? and ideas how to put it into a code? iv got my gm file talking to the server fine
DaDonMike on 19 May 2018, 00:44:00
any* not and
Size43 (Administrator) on 27 May 2018, 16:41:17
Please post the code you're using
DaDonMike on 8 Jun 2018, 19:56:27
Ok sorry for delyed reply.. iv got it working thanks.. also why dont the player ini work? Also the networking dont work when i port to android.. and also i cant pay or donate to you as the webpage is down? And is the server hackable? Id like to know if my inis i stored are safe :)
DaDonMike on 8 Jun 2018, 19:58:29
The networking crashes when i try to build the apk.. but if i remove the gms networking it builds but dont work
Size43 (Administrator) on 24 Jun 2018, 17:14:58
Apologies for the delay.

What GameMaker: Studio version are you using? Also make sure you're using the All version of the extension, not the Windows version.

You cannot do server-side verification so, yes, in that sense your game would be "hackable".
DaDonMike on 3 Jul 2018, 23:51:51
hi im using 1.4.1567 game maker studio 1.. i dont like studio 2 at all :/

is there any way you can fix this? and yes i use the all versions and put the gms_network() code into networking and it still dont work.. its randomly allowed me to build the game but still nothing.. thanks
Size43 (Administrator) on 5 Jul 2018, 17:18:29

Please try updating GM:Studio to the latest version, v1.4.1804. There were some Android-related bugs fixed in the more recent updates.
DaDonMike on 5 Jul 2018, 17:22:39
hi i have tried but it seems that gms1 is not supported anymore :( soooo upset over that!.. iv moved onto the latest gms2.1.4.295 is this supported? thanks again
Size43 (Administrator) on 5 Jul 2018, 17:33:27
Unfortunately GM:Studio 2 is currently not supported by GameMaker Server.
DaDonMike on 5 Jul 2018, 17:35:30
thats not good.. they are forcing us all to use gms2 only as you cant buy gms1 anymore and its been removed from the store.. the only gms1 they have dont support new licences ether.. is there any plan to support gms2 in the near future?
Size43 (Administrator) on 5 Jul 2018, 18:20:10
Unfortunately GameMaker: Studio 2 is not backwards-compatible with GameMaker: Studio 1, so updating the extension requires a full rewrite. As this extension is very complex, it takes a long time to re-write everything from the ground up so it definitely won't be ready in the near future.

You should still be able to download any GameMaker versions you own from your account page here:
DaDonMike on 5 Jul 2018, 19:25:53
do you have facebook? be easier to talk on messenger then here and avoids spamming your website..

on that link i can only download gms2 and gms1.4.1804 witch my licence dont seem to like or that its bugged out on me? the build button is greyed out on android.. any ideas?
Size43 (Administrator) on 5 Jul 2018, 19:29:02
I prefer keeping discussions on this site.

If you have a valid GM:Studio 1 license, it should allow you to use 1.4.1804 without any issue. If you've bought the Android module separately you might've received a separate license key which you might need to re-enter as well.
DaDonMike on 5 Jul 2018, 19:40:23
yea well was fun wile it lasted.. im going to gms2.. if you ever deside to support it i may come back to this.. if not thanks anyway
Ajay on 21 Feb 2015, 06:48:01
it is working in only networking event right?
Size43 (Administrator) on 21 Feb 2015, 19:37:34
The INI functions will work in any event, as long as the game is connected to the server.
Ajay on 21 Feb 2015, 07:55:09
How can i delete my replay posts?
Size43 (Administrator) on 21 Feb 2015, 19:38:57
You cannot edit or delete anything you post. If you really want to get something removed, you can use the report link. Please don't use it if you want me to fix a spelling mistake or something like that though, I won't do that :)
Chara_123456789 on 23 May 2018, 15:08:43
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