Usage: gms_logout ( )


Will log the user out, without disconnecting from the server.

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Last message on 5 Jul 2018

TerrestrialArtsStudio8829 on 10 Nov 2016, 16:54:38
I got problem with gms_logout, it gives me a red error line in code its like its not right. here you can see image. you will see gms_logout but down under shows m3d_projection_draw(id,near,far); any fix?
Size43 (Administrator) on 11 Nov 2016, 12:08:32
Seems like a bug in GM:Studio. For some reason it thinks you've typed m3d_projection_draw. Have you tried restarting your PC?
TerrestrialArtsStudio8829 on 12 Nov 2016, 21:23:02
thx, yea that was problem. :D
Helghast_01 on 10 May 2018, 22:03:30
I've tried to use this function but i'm afraid it doesn't exactly work as i expected, due to the fact that the player can only login once and when i try to login again after logging out it only allows him to log back in with the username he previously logged in with, then he can login with any username again after he's relaunched the game. I don't know, maybe i'm using it inproperly or something, can ya help? Seems to me like there's some kind of login data saved that the login is based around but i don't know how to delete it so i get the default state of the login, I tried deleting the .ini file that saved the "username" and "password" but it didn't seem to work.
Size43 (Administrator) on 27 May 2018, 16:37:48
You should be able to log in to any other account after logging out.

Do you see an error when logging in with a different username?
Helghast_01 on 9 Jun 2018, 22:25:14
nope, just nothing happens when im trying to click [Login], it doesn't even ask for password when the player account exists unless its the one i've logged in with before logging in, after a restart it works fine, at first i tought it was me removing the GMS object but then i removed the script that did that and it still didn't work. I can only log onto a different account when i relaunch the game unless i want to login with the same username and password then i don't need to restart the game for some reason.
Size43 (Administrator) on 24 Jun 2018, 17:19:06
Apologies for the delay.

Would you mind mailing me your project? (
Helghast_01 on 27 Jun 2018, 19:39:13
gmail didn't let me send you the file directly because its too big and got blocked, can you access the file without a google mail account?
Size43 (Administrator) on 29 Jun 2018, 14:34:34
Got it! I'll take a look as soon as I have some free time.
Helghast_01 on 30 Jun 2018, 21:38:05
ok, thanks
Size43 (Administrator) on 5 Jul 2018, 17:16:52

This issue should now be fixed. It was caused by a bug that prevented the server from sending anything back to the client when not logged in.
Helghast_01 on 5 Jul 2018, 18:19:39
yes, it works great now, thanks for fixing it, man
Nefault1st on 1 May 2015, 02:40:30
I'm not sure why but every time I use this logout function (not while ending the game) with others still online, I receive this error:

action number 1
of Begin Step Event
for object __newobject1827:

The server is sending corrupt data: The player that's disconnecting is not connected. (id = ??????, ?)

Note: I have everyone logging in as a guest.
Size43 (Administrator) on 2 May 2015, 12:47:26
Please send me a mail at, so I can send you a copy of the 1.8.5 update I'm working on. It may fix this error.
Nefault1st on 13 May 2015, 03:35:59
Did you receive my email?
Size43 (Administrator) on 14 May 2015, 17:47:48
I haven't received anything. I've also checked my spam folder, but unfortunately I can't find anything from you.

The 1.8.5 update has been released, but it seems to have a few problems. I'm fixing those right now.
Nefault1st on 16 May 2015, 18:10:08
That's strange, well I'll try using my other email address. I still have some questions to ask, and if you still want me to test out anything, just send it to that email address.
tifongames on 23 Mar 2015, 12:38:30
Hello Size43, when I run logout, other players still see the same number of players before logout.

thanks Size43
Size43 (Administrator) on 23 Mar 2015, 19:44:14
On what export is this? Do you see the "x has logged out" message at all?