Usage: gms_team_auto_join ( )


Tries to automatically join the weakest team. The weakness of a team depends on the number of players and the team score.

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Last message on 1 Sep 2016

oddjowkerstudios on 1 Sep 2016, 22:01:06
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

Im still new to GMS and im having trouble with players joining teams.
How do I have 6 different teams and make it so the player randomly joins one of the 6 different teams.

bluberblaber on 16 Apr 2016, 02:57:03
How do I make team spawn points
Size43 (Administrator) on 18 Apr 2016, 16:13:21
Take a look at the topdown multiplayer example. In particular, take a look at how the player objects are spawned when the game starts.
Bukmang on 19 Mar 2016, 17:42:15
gms_team_auto_join(), sometimes you join the same team! is this my problem is the problem with the server?
Size43 (Administrator) on 20 Mar 2016, 19:32:33
If 2 players join at exactly the same time, they might end up in the same team. You might need to orchestrate some order in which the players join a team.
Bukmang on 19 Mar 2016, 17:44:48
And why do I have to click many times to join, how do I hide the keyboard in android?
Size43 (Administrator) on 20 Mar 2016, 19:31:26
There should be a button on the bottom right to hide the keyboard.
Bukmang on 19 Mar 2016, 17:46:24
to login I mean :D sorry bro I spammed your website :(
Size43 (Administrator) on 20 Mar 2016, 19:31:15
The login window will not close until you're logged in, but does not show an indicator that it's logging in. Maybe the logging in part takes a few seconds?
Bukmang on 19 Mar 2016, 17:45:04
Yep it's me again sorry :D