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Posted by Helbrect
I'm currently working on a project that will use GameMaker Server to host its online multiplayer. I cannot find any information on how to get into contact with an (the?) Admin. The information I wish to share and discuss is private, so I won't post it here in the forums. I believe that my questions, if answered, could lead to a very beneficial business relationship. Should the project reach the Beta phase of development, it could attract more attention to this site. Please try and contact me as soon as possible through the email address on this account or reply with a way I can contact you.

Thank You,
Helbrect (Evan Rowland)

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Last message on 18 Apr 2015

Size43 (Administrator) on 18 Apr 2015, 11:55:46
There seems to be an issue with the mail notifications, which is why I missed your post. Please contact me at!