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Size43, you will update the extension to work well in version 1.4.1760? because when you try to publish an app in Google Play it says error LibPNG and you cant publish it, is of security problems in the version 1.4.1757 with that library, this is solved in 1.4.1760, but the extension have problems showing others players in that version. Thanks for read. (i dont know if another tread of this already exists)
I found a bug, also i dont want to create another topic and waste space, when you choose Delete permanently a game and your password is incorrect even you typed the correct password again this time the page says incorrect password, and if you put you user password (no developer) says incorrect password, even reloading the page, i solved this doing logout - login. Its not important, thats why i dont want to create another topic.

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Size43 (Administrator) on 3 Jan 2017, 12:43:38
Hey, apologies for my very late response. I've had some issues with my hand that prevented me from using a computer (RSI).

Would you mind mailing me a project that shows the problems at