Saving strings to Game INI?

Posted by VictorProjects
I'm having trouble doing this using the gms_ini_game_write(). It DOES save variables that are just words in quotations, like [variable = "Word";], but when I check it on the game INI viewer on the website, it saves the string as a very long number:


Not sure why it's doing this. Is there a way I can actually make it save as the intended string value?

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Last message on 7 Jun 2017

VictorProjects (Topicstarter) on 7 Jun 2017, 04:07:19
Yep! Seems to be a matter of waiting. I also made sure the variables it was saving were initialized with string(), not just using quotations.
Size43 (Administrator) on 6 Jun 2017, 15:46:32
It might take some time before the INI viewer on the site is updated. Are you seeing the correct value now?