Syncing an objects Destruction

Posted by Xano
Hi there,
I'm working on a 2D Sandbox game and i'm a little stuck on something.

I'm needing to know how you can sync an objects destruction. I heard it's something to do with "PlayerINI's"? But i'm very confused.

Anywho, Thanks :)

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Last message on 27 Dec 2017

Pick on 27 Dec 2017, 14:02:34

You can sync the objects destruction by putting this code in your obj player collide or whatever event you have used:

with(obj_to_desync) instance_destroy();
Size43 (Administrator) on 4 Sep 2017, 11:16:44
Apologies for the delay, I've been having some health issues.

You can sync objects using the instance syncing functionality, you might not need INIs. Please see the tutorial on instance syncing for more info.