Specific Rank Name Colors

Posted by ConnorDEV
Hi there,

I'm working on an in-game Ranking system and need help with how you go about doing Name Color's for certain roles.

For example, if there is a V.I.P Role then it will give you a Gold name and if it's a Mod role then it will give you a Blue name.


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Last message on 3 Dec 2017

Size43 (Administrator) on 3 Dec 2017, 13:32:19
Hi, since I've had a lot of these questions, I just added a tutorial explaining this.
Chibi on 2 Dec 2017, 21:02:46
So you can pretty much use gms_other_admin_rights(player_id) > 0 for the admin color and for the other colors I think that you can pretty much make a small db with the ini's for the whole privilege levels system.
I hope I could've helped you ;D
TypicalAndy on 2 Dec 2017, 19:27:19
I need help with that too, I Hope that someone answers.