Chat Bubbles Client Side & Auto Login

Hey there,

First thing I wanted to know is how I'd go about client side chat bubbles. I got the chat bubbles working in which you can see other players chat, just wanted to know if there's a way to retrieve your own chat and draw it as a chat bubble.

I also wanted to know how you'd go about doing some form of system which Automatically logs you in without having to type in your logging details, If this isn't possible, then this is more or less a suggestion.

Anyway as always, thanks for the help :)

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Last message on 26 Dec 2017

Size43 (Administrator) on 26 Dec 2017, 12:20:27
If you're using the code I posted here:
Intercept the chat messages that are being sent by setting a script for gms_script_set_chat_verify.

Add this to the script:

    last_chat_message = argument0
    last_chat_time = current_time
PenguinPalaceGame (Topicstarter) on 26 Dec 2017, 12:45:28
Hey Size,
Just tried this and it doesn't seem to be picking up those variables when ever I try drawing it to the obj_player within the GMS object or the Player object its-self
Size43 (Administrator) on 26 Dec 2017, 16:06:21
Ah, of course. The drawing code only draws the text for the other player objects too.

Add a new object, and name it something like "parent_player", and set it as the parent of both the player and other player object. Then change the with statement to "with parent_player".

You might need to add this to the create event of the player object:

last_chat_message = ""
last_chat_time = 0
PenguinPalaceGame (Topicstarter) on 26 Dec 2017, 16:38:28
Alright, thanks :)
Ytsim on 25 Dec 2017, 22:01:04
I dunno about the chat bubbles part, but for the login thing, you need a custom login screen, and to store the username and password in a text/ini file, like this
user.ini >
password="=6109sa174" --> Obviously you want to encrypt the password using either a hash, or encryption method. Gamemaker makes base64 encryption really easy.
Size43 (Administrator) on 26 Dec 2017, 12:26:54
Base64 is not "encryption"! If something does not need an encryption key, it's not encryption. base64 is an encoding, which is essentially just a different way to write the same thing. It's just as safe as writing your password backwards.

Also, please don't do this. If you're storing passwords in a way that you can reverse to see the original password, it's insecure. I understand that the "remember me" feature is very useful, so I'll be adding a way to do it securely in a small update which will release in a few days.
PenguinPalaceGame (Topicstarter) on 26 Dec 2017, 12:34:09
Hey size, Thanks and appriciate your update you're doing :D

Can't wait to see it :)