Player Upage and /gms_session_tag

Posted by Bountywolf
How much would it cost $$$ wise to up my server to 64 - 96 player max.
-Also I accidently clicked on the upgrade to the special page thing I didn't know we start with 100 pixel so wondering if I can get those back somehow... because there is a lot more other things I would rather put them to
-Also /gms session_tag isnt working does it not exist in all?

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Last message on 7 Jan 2018

Size43 (Administrator) on 7 Jan 2018, 16:04:23
Note that the upgrade you see is not the same thing as a minimum player guarantee. When the server starts reaching 100% load, it will start by showing "server full" messages to games that already have their minimum number of players online. If that still doesn't reduce the load, the server can start showing "server full" messages to everyone, regardless of how much you upgraded.

"Guaranteeing" player counts in the sense that a part of the server is reserved for just one game is more costly, and I won't be able to offer it for a fixed price (since it's essentially a monthly cost for me). Please send me a mail at so we can discuss.

I've set the price of the upgrade you bought to 0, so that you can use your Pixels for something else.

The session tags should exist in the all version too. Are you seeing any error messages?