How to make a "join friends party" sistem

Posted by Yoto
i am making a game and i expect that a lot of people will play it, i used the normal way, i made a GMS object, and a login/lobby room, but i realized that everytime anybody logins in the game he automatically joins in to my party, and that makes the game start inmediatly with the first person who logged in, i dont wanna that, i wanna that you can join and then select if you wanna play with a random person, or play with a friend, and i dont know how because in the exactly momment anybody connect, he inmediatelly joint into my team.

How can i do that?

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Last message on 13 Feb 2018

Sustitos on 6 Feb 2018, 22:36:21
i've do a lobby system engine... You Want It??
Yoto (Topicstarter) on 7 Feb 2018, 00:43:53
it could be extremely hepfull please!!
Size43 (Administrator) on 13 Feb 2018, 17:41:16
You can use either the VS mode or sessions to separate players into different groups. See here