Support for Custom Servers

Posted by TaylorJP
Hey there,

I was wondering if GameMaker:Server would ever be available as just an extension rather then a server host + extension.

By this I mean will there ever be any way for us to use our own servers so we have more control over them and still have the amazing core features of GameMaker:Server.


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Last message on 1 Apr 2018

Size43 (Administrator) on 1 Apr 2018, 13:34:06
Definitely not in the near future, as the current server/extension design requires a deep integration between the extension, the server, and the site.

The rewrite that I'm working on will be more modular, so it would potentially be possible to release parts of the extension separately. Some things I'm investigating:

  • Multiple servers in different regions

  • "Private" server instances, essentially servers for your game only but still managed by GameMaker Server

  • Open-sourcing some parts of the extension

  • Running GML server-side (for example for additional access control)

If you're looking for control in the sense of being completely independent of GameMaker Server, I don't intend to release the server+extension as a "plug-and-play" style package. However, the rewrite will make it significantly easier to build upon the foundations provided by GameMaker Server.