Some random questions.

Posted by AouabAdYT
Hi Size43,

I like your project and I really support what you're doing!

And i wanted to ask you (or anyone other reading this) about few things :
- Are you going to add accepting requests in-game , it can simply be with a script defining like for the chat_verify , chat_receive....
- How can i add a shop and inventory system into my game, I thought about using achievements but are achievements unlimited? And are they displayed in the game's page?
Basically what I'm trying to add is a shop system where you can buy items , but only once , and then organise them in your inventory.
- How can i access another player's ini while he is offline , If he is online i can simply send a p2p message but how can i do when he's not online :/


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Last message on 2 Apr 2018

Size43 (Administrator) on 2 Apr 2018, 15:37:47
1. Please post your feature suggestion here: 2. You can create an unlimited number of achievements, though it would probably be easier to implement an inventory using the PlayerINIs.
3. This is not possible.