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Posted by rggames
Heya! I'm making a club penguin-esque game, and i wanted to add achievments. But, the game does not add them to the achievment list.
This is the code:

(step event from player object)
if global.game1=1
if global.game2=1
if global.game3=1

The 1-3 are some variables that come to 1 the first time you complete noe of the three current minigames, iot is suppossed to add the event if the three variables are 1, or i simple form, the player has played the three games. Also, the achievment is litterally called "true_gamer" and i have put it on the game editing on the web.


PD: The game don't present an error or anything, it just don't add the achievment

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Last message on 30 Sep 2018

Size43 (Administrator) on 30 Sep 2018, 12:45:01
If you add a show_message below the gms_achievement_reach, does that message at least show up? (i.e. is gms_achievement_reach actually executed?)