I cant login in android with gms_login_execute

Posted by Yoto
Im using game maker studio 1.4.1804, i made a simple login sistem using "get_string" to save the username and password in a global variables like:

username button mouse left click:

password button mouse left click:

loggin button mouse left click:

In windows it works perfectly, but in android only the nickname works, i made it to show the password button only if the nickname has an account, with gms_login_player_has_account(); .. but when i write the password with get_string in android and then i click the login button, it says "wrong password", im sure the global variable with the password is not the problem because it is exacly the same code in windows.

I dont know why i try everything but nothing works, it only happens in android, i cant loggin because the script is still showing "wrong password"

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Last message on 15 Dec 2018

Size43 (Administrator) on 15 Dec 2018, 19:17:41
What does your scr_login look like?