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Posted by The_irreverent5
Hi, greetings from México.

Could someone explain me how can i do a matchmaking system, that groups players that are looking for a specific gamemode?
i'm trying to use de sessions system, but everytime a player "starts searching" a match (gms_session_create_ext), on the other player's screen saids that the other player log out, is that ok?
please, i would appreciate any kind of useful help.

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Last message on 9 Nov 2019

Size43 (Administrator) on 9 Nov 2019, 13:12:27
If you're using session functions, disable the VS mode. The VS mode uses sessions to give you a built-in matchmaking function. It's very basic, and since it seems like you want to split matchmaking into different gamemodes, the VS mode won't be useful to you.

When you use gms_session_create(_ext), the player that executes the command is moved to a new session. For the remaining players, it will look like the player logged out because the player is no longer in their session -- so this is normal.