(SOLVED)Moving to a new room

Posted by The_irreverent5
Hi, you might already answer this before so, sorry.
my problem is that, when I create a new session, I want the player that created (and the other player that may join* that session) to move to a different room. The problem is that the "obj_player" object dissapears when i move from one room (rm_play) to the other, but when another player joins, the "obj_player" appears but it does nothing.

if anyone can help me, i will appreciate it.


PS: english isn't my native languaje, so please excuse any mistakes.
PS#2: this is just an off topic* question: is GM server, a rollback netcode or something like that?

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Last message on 25 Feb 2020

Size43 (Administrator) on 25 Feb 2020, 19:40:01
Apologies for the delay -- I'm assuming you managed to solve your issue because of the title, if not please let me know.

[quote]is GM server, a rollback netcode or something like that?[/quote]
GameMaker Server does a limited form of client-side prediction to make movements smoother, although this is limited because it needs to work for all kinds of games and all kinds of movements.