Dont show other players but still connected

Posted by rosaskenneth
How to make the other players not showing in a map or in my room without disconnecting the server
Cause im trying to create a dungeon that allows player to enter solo , If the other enter in the same map and then they dont see each other. How to make that?

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Last message on 24 Mar 2020

Size43 (Administrator) on 1 Mar 2020, 17:52:37
An easy way to do this would be to move players in solo runs to a separate session, using gms_session_create
rosaskenneth (Topicstarter) on 4 Mar 2020, 15:36:05
One more thing to make this topic short, What is the maximum numbers of session can i use in the same time?
and 2nd question is the update function will work on android ?
3rd is if ever that function wont work with android , is there a possiblity that allows the game get the update url that i set in the site and i will use to by creating another extension that allows the game download files from the given url?
Size43 (Administrator) on 24 Mar 2020, 11:51:28
Apologies for the delay.

1. Sessions are virtually unlimited, you'll run into player limits before sessions will become an issue.

2 & 3. Updating only works on Windows, for the other platforms you'll have to use something else.