Crashing with no error using p2p send with real args

Posted by aridale
Im getting instant crashes with no errors if I try to have any real value as an arg for gms_p2p_send() if I make them strings it doesnt crash but the values never show up in the args variable in the handling script.

In the handling script the "args" variable just shows 10 in show_debug_message. The help says the values are received in a ds_list but reading the "args" with ds_list_read returns a ds_list_size of 0.

I get the messages fine on all the players using gms_p2p_all_in_room as the player_id_to but never get the args.

And as I said above, it just outright crashes if I try to make any of the values after player_id_to a real value or a variable thats a real.

Ive also tried putting my values in a ds_list and sending that as a single arg with ds_list_write and it does the same thing as just trying to send them as strings.

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Last message on 24 Mar 2020

Size43 (Administrator) on 24 Mar 2020, 11:55:09
Apologies for the delay.

You don't need to ds_list_read the args, you can just use ds_list_find_value(args, N) directly.

For the crash, does it show any error message at all?