My objects are no being created

Posted by Beto5761
after joining the card battle room in my card game, the player cards are not being created, this is the code:

if gms_self_ismaster(){
//create player cards
var temp,temp_int;
temp_int = 32;
for(var i=0; i<ds_list_size(deck); i++){
temp = instance_create(temp_int,768,obj_p1_card);
temp.card_name = ds_list_find_value(deck,i);
temp.owner = 'P1'
temp_int += 158;

ps. i followed this tutorial:
and put in the step and draw event of the obj_player_1_card and obj_player_2_cards, his custom variables with: gms_self_set and gms_other_get;

also i dont know how to spawn the p2 cards when he join the room.

please help me

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Last message on 25 Jul 2020

Size43 (Administrator) on 25 Jul 2020, 19:31:15
Keep in mind that there can be only one player object per player. If you want to sync multiple things you should look into instance syncing or p2p messages.