I need to sync more than 1000 instances.

Posted by TheProhAslon
So i'm struggling because i have a procedural generation with more than 5000 instances (8192 x 4096 room, 32x32 block width). and i need to sync them everytime i destroy one of them. But i cant, because there's a limit of 1000 instances. What do i do? Is there a way to not sync the instances and only sync them when i destroy them? Thank you.

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Last message on 29 Aug 2020

Size43 (Administrator) on 29 Aug 2020, 11:41:00
(Other thread:https://gamemakerserver.com/en/docs/article/instance_sync/#reply-5922 )

Do you just need to sync destroys? That makes things a little easier. Presumably the procedural generation uses random() in some capacity to generate the instances. Then you can use random_set_seed() to set a seed on which the procedural generation will be based. This means that you only need to sync that seed, not every instance, and you can let other clients generate the same world from that seed. Then, you can use p2p messages to sync the destructions of the blocks.