How can I see the player_id of the player

Posted by Alexand3er78
Hello, how are you, I would like to know about some things here are my questions:

1-how can I know the player_id of a player?

2-how can I make players have a friend bar and see if they are connected or not?

3-finally, how can I get the players to put a player's id to send him a message or invite him to fight?

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Last message on 6 Oct 2020

Size43 (Administrator) on 6 Oct 2020, 22:32:53
1. The variable 'player_id' is set on all other player objects. You can also use gms_other_find to iterate over all the players in a session.

2. What exactly do you mean by "friend bar"? You can see an example of how to draw a list of friends in gms_friend_count

3. You can use p2p messages to send commands between players.