Maximum number of full sync with 14

Posted by asbg
Hi, i am new here. I am trying to make a simple game for my girl as anniversary gift. I just want fully synchronise one object that means maybe 50 instances and refreshing room. In the game both of us must drag and drop instances to somewhere. Here is question: i need full sync and i used gms_instance_sync in Step event. But i took "Maximum number of full instance sync-instances reached." error. There is only 14 instances. What is wrong with me?

Edit: I am using GMS.

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Last message on 14 Feb 2021

Size43 (Administrator) on 14 Feb 2021, 15:25:53
You only need to sync each instance once -- usually the right place to call gms_instance_sync is in the create event. You're likely pushing 14 'new' synced instances to the server each time the step event runs, which is why you're seeing that error.