Moving gms_show_message window

Posted by loypoll
Is there any way to move the "Player logged in" window? It's in the way of the HUD in my game.
I tried making the HUD transparent with gms_show_isopen(wt_message) but *sometimes* it gets stuck transparent, even after the window closes. Also tried with the global.__xms_open variable, it's the same.

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Last message on 14 Mar 2021

Size43 (Administrator) on 14 Mar 2021, 16:16:33
If you want to get rid of it entirely, you can call 'gms_message_reporting(0)' to disable the messages. If you do want to keep the window, but have it show up in a different place, that's also possible. I'll save the explanation for now because I'm assuming disabling the window is probably what you were looking for, but if not -- just let me know.