Cant reconnect to the game

Posted by FluxxStd
when the game got disconnected i want to have a auto reconnect when network is detected but when i try to connect again the debug messag come up

ioctlsocket failed with error: -1
Error (0x 2736): Could not set socket option
Socket timeout connecting
Socket failed to connect to server!

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Last message on 13 Apr 2021

Size43 (Administrator) on 4 Apr 2021, 16:31:01
Apologies for the delay. Those look like GM:Studio networking messages. My guess would be that you still have no internet when you try to connect again. If you add a delay (say ~5 seconds) before reconnecting, does that help solve the problem?
FluxxStd (Topicstarter) on 13 Apr 2021, 19:08:43
actually i intentionally disconnect to internet and connect again just to test if it will reconnect to the game when i use gms_connect() but its not reconnecting even i already enable the internet connection , its give that error , but when i restart the game it connect and works fine , but i dont want that for my players, when the game is not connected with the server i run alarm for trying to reconnect again but its not solve my problem