sync object color variable

Posted by jose_creative
hi i wonder how do i sync a color variable (like make_colour_rgb() ) for an object
im trying to make a brick building game but when it "syncs" the vaiable the brik it's just full black and it doesn't change!

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Last message on 26 Jul 2021

Size43 (Administrator) on 16 Jul 2021, 22:14:17
Apologies for the delay. A color is just a number in GameMaker, so you should just be able to use gms_self_set and gms_other_get to sync the variable (for player variables), or gms_instance_sync_var_add/gms_instance_set/gms_instance_get (for instance syncing). Could you post the code that you're using to sync the variable?
jose_creative (Topicstarter) on 17 Jul 2021, 20:32:27
here is the code:
BrickColor = global.BrickColor
Size43 (Administrator) on 26 Jul 2021, 19:03:11
All calls to gms_instance_sync_var_add must appear before the call to gms_instance_sync. Swapping those two calls should make your code work. (assuming you also have the corresponding code in the user defined event to load the value again)