Other players won't animate

Posted by NickPerson
Hello, I am asking for advice here because I noticed how other players who appears on my screen have frozen sprites that never animates, is there a code that can make the image indexes move as intended?

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Last message on 9 Aug 2021

Size43 (Administrator) on 9 Aug 2021, 14:52:33
If you're using the image_speed variable for animation, it'll be synced automatically.

If you're doing something custom, you can enable image_index syncing with gms_optimize_variables. Be aware though, that this might end up using more data. If possible, you should try to animate the sprites of the other players locally rather than syncing it.
NickPerson (Topicstarter) on 9 Aug 2021, 22:58:13
Thanks! yeah it worked perfectly, now all players can see exactly with frame I am on! thanks :D

And yeah, I do imagine it is not a very good way to do image index sync, but the way I do is that I do a single sprite file and put all the character frames in it so I just need to call for image indexes for it to change, Like, If the player is moving right It will play frames 1,2,3, But if the player is idle then it will display frame 0. For me it works well, but thanks for the advice!