Help with object sync

Posted by NickPerson
So I was making some game test and bla bla bla, Everything is working great so far! finally i am able to follow instructions and actually get it right haha!

But i found a new challenge. You see. I do not know how to make objects sync or show up for multiple people in the game, meanwhile all the player objects will show up and sync normally, but, let's say... a player lays a large poop on the ground, ok so now is there, but i want other players to see it and not only the one who did it, what coding should i use so other players can get to see and interact with these sorts of objects that syncs and displays to all players in the room?

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Last message on 23 Oct 2021

Size43 (Administrator) on 14 Oct 2021, 19:45:59
What you're looking for is instance syncing. You'll find a tutorial here.
NickPerson (Topicstarter) on 23 Oct 2021, 02:11:26
I'm sorry to bother, but it seems nothing happens when I click "here" as you wrote (assuming that clicking it would lead me to a tutorial)