GMS2 Overused question

Posted by RED1FOUAD
i know you're getting tired of this question but is there a plan for GMS2 compatibility?

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Last message on 23 Nov 2021

Size43 (Administrator) on 23 Nov 2021, 16:06:17
Apologies for the delay. There will not be a compatible version of the current extension for GM:Studio 2 (because porting to GM:Studio 2 would basically mean rewriting it).

In the coming months I'll be making a decision regarding the "rewrite" -- the eventual replacement for GameMaker Server built for GM8 up to GM:Studio 2. Please keep in mind it won't necessarily be a "positive" decision. If I continue, I want support it for the next 10+ years, like I have done with GameMaker Server.

In short: there's nothing I can say for now, but check back in a few months.