GameMakerServer Twitter?

*Sorry for over asking questions, just have got a-lot today*

I was scrolling through Twitter and noticed there was a GameMakerServer Twitter account but it was more or less in-active.

It would be cool to see some updates on what you're upto when it comes to GM:S.

P.S. I would understand if it's in-active due to your RSI (Hope That gets well soon btw)

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Last message on 26 Dec 2017

Size43 (Administrator) on 26 Dec 2017, 17:10:49
Yeah I kind of stopped updating that since I didn't have anything to talk about for a long time. I guess it would be a good place to show some of the progress on the example. I'll post something later today!
PenguinPalaceGame (Topicstarter) on 26 Dec 2017, 17:13:54
Alright, awesome :)