Login/Register HTML5 error

Posted by BulleTechGames
Game Maker Studio v1.4.1567
Extension: 1.8.5c (All)

Neither the default login/register windows or manually registering/logging in with HTML5 works

When using gms_show_register/login() the game freezes

When using the manual login functions the game causes a runtime error due to the callback scripts not being given an argument, yet giving them an argument doesn't work as that overrides the argument they will be given by your functions.

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Last message on 31 Jan 2018

Size43 (Administrator) on 18 May 2015, 16:53:05
The HTML5-export is not supported right now. I've unfortunately got no ETA for when it will be supported. :)
Yoto on 31 Jan 2018, 19:22:11
exactly the same thing happens in android