Game Maker Studio 2 ?

Posted by Imperial
does game maker server works on Game Maker Studio

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Last message on 5 Jan 2019

Size43 (Administrator) on 27 May 2017, 15:54:08
It might work for projects imported from GM:Studio 1.4, but there is no official support for GameMaker Studio 2 yet.
BonniekawaiidesuG on 27 Dec 2018, 19:16:55
when are you going to make game maker server work on game maker studio 2?
Size43 (Administrator) on 28 Dec 2018, 22:37:42
GM:Studio 2 will be supported in the rewrite I'm working on. I don't have any plans to add GM:Studio 2 support to the current version of the extension.
BonniekawaiidesuG on 29 Dec 2018, 03:20:27
but in the next version you will add support or not and if no atleast it will work with game maker studio 2?
Size43 (Administrator) on 5 Jan 2019, 12:35:59
There's no need to post the same question multiple times, I'll see them all and reply to them in chronological order.

I'll answer here:
KadePcGames on 20 Sep 2018, 05:33:59
Ryaangu on 11 Dec 2018, 03:10:31
Everyone have own opnion, but let's respect if someone want GMS2 support.