GameMaker : Server Tutorial Series

Posted by ConnorDEV
I'm starting a tutorial series for GameMaker : Server.

I've done a Getting Started video here :

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Last message on 10 Nov 2017

Help_PW on 9 Nov 2017, 17:13:30
Hi Connor thanks for making fake photos with Pick about me and also thanks for decompiling my game. -pdev
ConnorDEV (Topicstarter) on 9 Nov 2017, 19:46:06
First of all, don't bring irrelevent discussions into the forums, second of all, i've not faked any screenshots? And if you've seen the announcements in my server(s), i've been trying to explain how i have NO PROOF you hacked anyone, So don't jump to conclusions..
Help_PW on 10 Nov 2017, 15:05:00
Okay as you proved to me on discord, i understand who is the one who decompiled my game and i understand that only Pick was making fake photos, sorry for that. (Just writing that for other people as a proof that you didnt do anything bad and that only pick did it).
Size43 (Administrator) on 28 Oct 2017, 11:04:48
Moved this topic to a new board specifically for tutorials & examples.
Size43 (Administrator) on 28 Oct 2017, 10:55:19

(As a sidenote - I wasn't aware that validation mails were sent in the wrong language, that's fixed.)