Is it possible to create your own chat system?

Posted by Kolhun
Good afternoon, I have a question whether you can use your own components (for example draw_text) to implement your chat system? If so, what functions are applicable for this?

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Last message on 14 Oct 2021

Size43 (Administrator) on 14 Oct 2021, 19:28:16
Apologies for the delay. SuperInky already gave some pointers to most of the info you need. There's also two custom scripts you can set: gms_script_set_chat_receive and gms_script_set_drawchat. The first script will be invoked every time a chat message is received. You can use the second script as a sort of middle ground between implementing your own chat and using the built-in chat. The script will be called every time the built-in chat needs to draw some text, which you can use to add different/nicer text rendering or for example some text shadows.
SuperInky on 30 Sep 2021, 21:46:59
With the gms_chat_get_sendername(n), gms_chat_get_text(n) and gms_chat_num() scripts, im pretty sure it is. I've implemented one myself. Look at the documentation on Chatting for more scripts that can aid you with creating a custom-made chat system I guess