I need some help with an error

Posted by WushyAnimates
I'm running Windows 11 and when I run my game, it just throws this error message:

COMPILATION ERROR in extension package GameMaker Server+
Error in code at line 664:
XServer_instance4d(__id.syncID, __id.x, __id.y, _distance, _dir)
at position 67: Variable name expected.

Could someone please explain to me what this means because I've disabled all other extensions, used both blocks and GML code, and I've named the correct objects and rooms their respective names (rm_init, obj_player, etc.)

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Last message on 11 Dec 2021

Size43 (Administrator) on 11 Dec 2021, 14:14:46
Do you have a resource (sprite, script, background, object, room, path, etc.) named '__id', 'syncID', '_distance' or '_dir' by any chance? If so, you'll need to rename it to something else.