Update 1.9 has been released

So I promised to release an update that fixed a few bugs.

Problem is, I've completely lost track of which bugs I had fixed. That should explain the fact that I'm omitting a changelog.

The update has version 1.9. I've got no clue why. It seems like I decided to increase the version number a few months ago, maybe because I was planning a bigger update that never left the "planning" phase. Anyway, decreasing the version number right now is a bad idea since that might break all sorts of version checks that rely on the version being 1.9.

Obviously I'm going to try and prevent this from happening again.

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Last message on 29 Aug 2016

namlunthkl on 26 Jul 2016, 11:00:02
When will you support HTML5???
Big thanks if you support Browser Games!!!!!
Size43 (Administrator) on 26 Jul 2016, 17:38:10
The JavaScript exports will be supported in the rewrite (version 3.0).
namlunthkl on 30 Jul 2016, 04:52:54
Such a big thanks if you support it! I have waited soooo loooooooooooooonggggggg...
Ferry145 on 1 Aug 2016, 09:14:18
Version 3.0? We are almost at 2.0. So we have to wait longer?
Size43 (Administrator) on 1 Aug 2016, 15:31:40
The rewrite will be 3.0. The current version should have been 2.x if the version numbers had been updated properly. I'm fixing that by increasing the version number of the next release to 3.
Ferry145 on 3 Aug 2016, 18:44:34
Ah, I get it. Is the HTML5 support almost done? I've waited almost 2 years and I'll be so happy when it's there. A lot of my players prefer games in the browser and there are also a few player with a Mac.
Forgeio on 11 Aug 2016, 19:23:40
What's your game called? can I play it?
Size43 (Administrator) on 10 Aug 2016, 20:35:10
I'm working on it. I'm not at a point where I'm able to commit to a release date for the update.

The (All) version already supports the OS X export, so you should be able to export to OS X already.
Ferry145 on 29 Aug 2016, 20:17:38
I know that I can export my game to OS X but that isn't worth the money. I'll just wait for HTML5. And by the way, I really hope that it's coming out in December, then it's a sort of Christmas present for the players. :P