Update 2.0.1 released

This update contains a number of fixes for some issues that arose after releasing update 2.0.

  • Fixed a number of crashes related to binary data blocks

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when switching sessions

  • Fixed automatic login not working properly in the (All) version

  • Fixed an issue where session creation would not work in the (All) version

  • Fixed an issue where BDBs would not be saved properly in the (All) version

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Replies (4)

Last message on 25 Jan 2018

amkgames on 15 Jan 2018, 12:09:41
Gets this error in GM8 after updating the extension:

action number 1
of Begin Step Event
for object __newobject84:

In extension function gms_step:
Error in code at line 634:
_distance = point_distance(__iself_last_x, __iself_last_y, x, y)
at position 57: Unknown variable __iself_last_x
amkgames on 15 Jan 2018, 12:23:45
This error doesn't appear in 1.8.8 version.
Size43 (Administrator) on 15 Jan 2018, 14:33:13
You might be calling gms_instance_sync with the name of an object instead of an instance. You need to call gms_instance_sync with the instance ID. Something like gms_instance_sync(obj_bullet, ...) will not work correctly.
amkgames on 25 Jan 2018, 13:14:21
Oh, I see. Thanks! :)