Password breach - 6,000 accounts affected

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately I must inform you of a password breach that happened between the 17th of september up until recently. Games by the names of 'Pixelio', 'Pixel Castle' or 'Cubic Planet' appear to have been collecting login details of users that played the game during this period.

If you have never played these games, your account is not affected.

Approximately 6,000 accounts have been affected by this breach. I've proactively reset all passwords for these accounts. If you're one of the affected accounts, you can reset your password here: - as always, choose a strong and unique new password.

While this breach is not of my own doing, I still very strongly feel that it's important to notify you that your password might have been leaked. As such, I'll be attempting to send e-mails to all affected users. I've already sent mails to around 75 users from whom I was able to confirm that their password was leaked. I have strong suspicions for the other 5,925 accounts, but have not been able to definitively confirm this.

Obviously the developer that did this has been banned from GameMaker Server, and all their games will refuse to open from now on.

I'd also like to give a quick reminder that GameMaker Server does not have the ability to inspect the game's source code, and as such can never 100% guarantee that a particular game is safe. If you don't trust the developer, don't run the game!


This page was updated once to include more recent games is the estimation.

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Last message on 4 Aug 2018

TypicalAndy on 4 Aug 2018, 03:21:36
Just Reseted Password, was really worried...

But thankfully nothing happened.
afanguy on 3 Aug 2018, 16:05:58
dangit, they stole my idea >:v

jokes aside, i had a suspicion that it could be possible to save one's password to the gameINI or the like. good thing i used my alt account when trying blox.
SnowTheFox on 3 Aug 2018, 05:49:54
It's a shame, really, that people use this for malicious intentions.
Hopefully, nothing like this happens again, but who knows?
People can be right jerks at times.