Update 2.1.8 released

This update fixes a bug that could cause the game to crash after an instance was destroyed. Additionally, some small changes have been made to make YYC compilation work. The YYC still isn't supported -- so your mileage may vary, but at the very least you might be able to get your game to run under the YYC if you're feeling adventurous.

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Last message on 22 Nov 2019

Helghast_01 on 20 Nov 2019, 10:05:06
So we can expect to get a full yyc support in the future?
Size43 (Administrator) on 22 Nov 2019, 17:54:48
The rewrite will fully support the YYC and GM:Studio 2.

I'm not planning on supporting the current version of the extension on YYC, but I know of one case where a game is more or less running under the YYC after this update. So you might want to give it a try and just see if you can get it working.