Update 2.3.0 released

This update fixes some issues that I came accross as I was working on the performance patch that released today.

  • New sendtypes spc_limited_extrapolate and spc_limited_extrapolate_smooth, currently only in the Windows version of the extension. These look nicer when position updates are arriving at regular intervals.

  • Fixed a bug where position syncing could send an incorrect update if the movement speed was >= 7 (which is around hspeed=5 and vspeed=5). This would often cause other clients to make the player object appear as if it was moving backwards.

  • Fixed a bug where position syncing would send an incorrect update if the movement direction changed without changing the movement speed

  • Fixed a bug where position syncing would sometimes not update the position

  • Major parts of the server's networking code have been reworked to better support large amounts of clients

  • Added constants to configure the color of text in achievements and statistics windows

  • Made some changes that should help reduce intialization times on some platforms

It is recommended that you re-evaluate your gms_optimize_* configuration after installing this update. Some settings that did not work correctly for you before might work much better now. Start by removing any gms_optimize_* calls, then apply them one-by-one again if you find that they are still needed.

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Replies (2)

Last message on 29 Apr 2020

AUGEgames on 26 Apr 2020, 20:04:28
Very nice! Expecting this on other platforms too ;)

Also what about consoles? Does it not work or do we need files from them or maybe their premission?
Size43 (Administrator) on 29 Apr 2020, 15:22:50
Anything that supports GM:Studio's networking API can run the extension.