Statistics most of the time represent things like "kills" or "deaths" or "meters walked". GameMaker Server provides a collection of functions for implementing statistics and syncing them to an online account or username.

There's no maximum number of statistics. Every statistic has a short name. This is used to easily distinct different statistics. A statistic named 'pixels_walked' is easier to recognise than a statistic named '946258.'

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Last message on 17 Jul 2018

CurrentCanine on 8 Jul 2018, 19:31:16
Is there anyway to view other player's statistics, and if not will there ever be? This is kinda important to me, as it's one of the main reasons I like statistics - to compare them with friends. Thanks for the help in advance =)
Size43 (Administrator) on 17 Jul 2018, 16:48:31
Sounds like highscores might be more suitable for this. Any reason you can't use them?
CurrentCanine on 17 Jul 2018, 19:24:10
I guess high-scores could work for this, I just wasn't using them because I felt like it'd be much easier using statistics if possible (something along the lines of gms_statistic_get(Player_id, Name)) but I can make do with high-scores. Thanks for the help! =)
Chibi on 21 Dec 2016, 21:40:12
Somehow I'm confused about how this works,
So you can use this to make a scoreboard right ?
But then can you put that scoreboard on the game ?
(for example).
Zecca on 22 Dec 2016, 22:54:36
Yes, you can put the scoreboard in your game. You have a built-in GUI to show with one simple command or you can write it yourself. It's not that hard!
Zvoc47 on 19 Mar 2016, 23:42:56
Do these reset for every session or are they permanent?
Size43 (Administrator) on 20 Mar 2016, 19:37:07
Statistics are permanent. (and per-player)